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Sweet Paris Creperie, College Station



August 26, 2020

Over the past 25 years, Life Time has expanded to bring a suite of athletic complexes, Life Time living, Life Time work spaces and a new hotel concept. It’s safe to say, they’re more than just a gym. Focused on inspiring you to think differently how you live, work, play and stay, Life Time embraces a holistic, unique approach.

Fully dedicated to comfortable and seamless experiences in all aspects of well-being  helps their customers live a more inspired life. In partnership with Midway, their first Houston-based complex is built into CITYCENTRE. Surrounded by greenspace and enclosed in a comprehensive village, CITYCENTRE offers Life Time members the opportunity to live, work, dine and play, just steps away from each other.  

Most recently, Life Time opened as a key partner in GreenStreet in downtown Houston. With a beautifully designed athletic club situated adjacent to Life Time work, Life Time’s customers have a seamless transition from engaging work into inspired health.

“Offering an incredible suite of beautifully designed spaces to exceed your expectations in how you live, work, play with a healthy mindset is core to what we believe” - Bahram Akradi