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commercial real estate development

We invest in places to help communities thrive

It takes innovation, initiative and passion to build something that changes people’s lives. This mindset sets us apart and inspires us to design differently. From spearheading important public-private partnerships to creating accessible green space in unexpected places, we lead with innovative, bold ideas.

Our Expertise

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Investment + Development

We focus on investment opportunities and developing generational assets—differentiated, core infill real estate—in locations throughout Texas and strategic markets that are well positioned to hold and increase in value over time, offering a differentiated experience and creating more robust consumer demand and return on investment. We utilize three investment avenues, develop to core, value add, and covered land, to strategically optimize the mix of location + product + experience that become enduring core investments while withstanding market volatility.


We focus on providing comprehensive support throughout every phase of the development process. From preconstruction to closeout, our primary goal is to ensure both high-quality results and cost savings while effectively managing risks and fostering seamless communication among project consultants. We offer a range of valuable resources and tools to facilitate the creation of remarkable projects, delivered on time and within budget.

Strategic Leasing and Advisory

Midway’s Strategic Leasing and Advisory group assume the role of developing and implementing commercial leasing and merchandising strategies to create value and ensure the success of Midway’s commercial developments. In addition to prospecting and executing new leases, which was previously handled by third-party brokerage firms, this capability enables Midway to maintain close relationships with its tenants and provides opportunities for synergy among the firm’s growing portfolio of properties. The simple fact is, we know our projects better than anyone else, so we are best equipped to lease them. This team has a true understanding of Midway’s culture, values, and vision for our properties, therefore making them best positioned to bolster Midway’s placemaking objectives and increase investor value.

Midway Creative Group

Our Midway Creative Group is made up of creative problem solvers who execute everything from branding and identity strategy to the more than 500 activations we host annually. This curated team crafts the unique voice of each of our assets to differentiate them in the market. The events we host in our public spaces help them become the heart and soul of each development.