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Anna Deans

Collect it for the Culture III pops up at GreenStreet


February 18, 2021

Black Buddha Creative Agency is excited to announce the third installment of ‘Collect It For The Culture’ is premiering on January 29 and runs through February 28 at GreenStreet. Over 30 Texas-based artists have been selected by artist and curator Robert Hodge in the areas of sculpture, photography, painting, film, and installation. First time exhibitors will occupy the space alongside accomplished professionals creating opportunities for both budding and established collections.

This year, in addition to showcasing an incredible assortment of artists, the exhibition will feature limited-capacity, socially distant special events to activate and engage Houston’s vibrant performance arts scene in the face of a world-wide pandemic. BBCA continues its tradition of alternative space making through its partnership with the Heist Agency, Artists For Artists, and GreenStreet to host this annual exhibition in Downtown Houston’s Shopping District in a beautiful 2-story, 23,00 square foot gallery space. Together creating an inclusive, immersive, and timely platform for Houstonians and beyond. Art supporters are invited to learn more about ‘Collect It For The Culture III’ online at collectitfortheculture.com.


Katy Anderson

Rabéa Ballin

D.C. Boson

Hannah Bull

Tay Butler

Christopher Cascio

Jamal Cyrus

Colby Deal


Raymond Dunlap

Alicia Eggert

Tim Glover


Gao Hang

Pedro Henrique

Veronica Ibargüengoitia

Input Output

Billy Baccam

Alex Ramos

Ann Johnson

Ronald L. Jones

El Franco Lee II

Rick Lowe

Tierney Malone

Israel McCloud

Patrick Medrano

Bárbara Miñarro

Kate Mulholland

Riot Muse

David ‘Odiwams’ Wright

Romeo Robinson

Mich S.

Tra Slaughter

George Smith

Benji Stiles

Felandus Thames

Brandon Thompson