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Anna Deans

CITYCENTRE Unveils Third Installation of Rotating Art Program in Partnership with Weingarten Art Group


December 1, 2021

Houston-based Midway, a privately owned, fully integrated real estate investment and development firm, is pleased to announce that CITYCENTRE has teamed up with the Weingarten Art Group to present the third annual Art @ CITYCENTRE, a rotating art program featuring fresh and engaging art exhibitions from Texas-based artists. The third installation of Art @ CITYCENTRE features work by three artists, DUAL, Karen Navarro, and Melissa Borrell, on display now through January 8th in lobby spaces across the dynamic shopping, dining, and entertainment community.  

“By showcasing Art @ CITYCENTRE’s free, site-specific exhibitions, we are not only able to provide a unique platform for these talented artists but are also able to treat our loyal visitors and tenants alike to bespoke exhibits created just for CITYCENTRE” added Shannon Bedinger, Senior Vice President of Marketing + Communications for Midway.

Incorporating pops of color into the modern, sleek design in the CITYCENTRE 2 lobby, Houston-based artist DUAL has created six panels which blend the lines between street and fine art. These works depict abstractions of familiar botanicals that have been reduced to geometric forms and reorganized into thought provoking compositions. These panels are installed over a mural created specifically for this CITYCENTRE space to bring harmony between the organic and constructed environments.  

Before leaving CITYCENTRE 2, guests are encouraged to stop by the back lobby to browse the resonating photographs in Karen Navarro’s exhibition. As an Argentine-born, Houston-based artist, Navarro creates three dimensional objects and reconstructed images of her subjects which explore themes of race, gender, and belonging. Though they are not self-portraits, the works are self-reflective, intending to reframe how women and people of color have historically been perceived, and to connect with her own Latin American and Indigenous lineage.

As guests continue to explore CITYCENTRE, Melissa Borrell’s mixed media pieces are sure to captivate in the lobby of CITYCENTRE 3. Inspired by natural systems and organic elements, Borrell’s Fractal Nature references microscopic organisms, geological formations, and architectural structures that often go unnoticed in the world around us. These whimsical pieces seem to climb the walls as they wait to be discovered by viewers. Installed in different formations each time, these sculptures reflect the adaptability of systems as they adapt to a variety of factors and forces of nature.

In the lobby of CITYCENTRE 4 lies another charming installation by Melissa Borrell. Created specifically for the lobby of CityCentre 4, Garden Variety is an exploration of the relationship between color, form, and scale created from individually laser cut floral elements. Densely packed in the center and gradually expanding outward, this shape was inspired by the landscaped shapes often imposed on natural growth, reflecting Borrell’s interest in organic systems that are often bounded by human desires.  

“Each of these artists explored themes of nature and human connection while creating these pieces, bringing a real sense of connectivity and tangibility to their work,” said Lea Weingarten, Principal and Founder of Weingarten Art Group. “What better place to showcase DUAL, Karen, and Melissa’s new work than the vibrant community at CITYCENTRE."

Art aficionados who want to avoid the lines and pre-programmed time slots at museums are encouraged to stop by CITYCENTRE lobbies to view these limited time installations from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Mondays - Fridays. CITYCENTRE 3 is also open from 7-11 a.m. on Saturdays. Please contact Weingarten Art Group to inquire about purchasing these works of art.

Weingarten Art Group partners with clients and artists across the region and around the world to plan, curate, develop, and manage public and private art collections of every size and scope. The Houston-based art advisory firm has had a long-standing relationship with Midway, bringing thoughtfully curated public artworks and galleries to its vast portfolio of prodigious projects including CITYCENTRE’s latest art program.  

For more information about the Art @ CITYCENTRE program, visit citycentrehouston.com or pick up the most recent issue of Midway’s District Magazine. Follow CITYCENTRE on Instagram at @citycentrehou for the latest updates.